Mission statement

Our mission goes beyond the simple public presentation of objects. A research center, active since 1993, hides behind the show case of ancient shoe history. In addition to the strict observation of the ICOM code of ethics our specific mission statement is as follows:


Conserving a material heritage; specifically, the shoes that carried civilizations through out history.


Researching the evolution of shoe technology, fashion and pattern making throughout history as a source for typology and chronology of artefacts.

Intangible Heritage

Bringing back lost or nearly forgotten techniques by putting theory into practice. We actively contribute to the preservation of know-how related to traditional crafts according to the UNESCO recommandations concerned with the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


Creating an accessible source of information source for historians, archaeologists, researchers but also re-enactment, theater, the movie industry and finally as a source of inspiration for current shoe design in crafts and industry.


Centralising information on archaeological shoe and leather finds throughout Europe in a coherent database for comparative analysis.


Sharing information and transmission of knowledge through our Museum, travelling exhibits and publications.


Teaching the upcoming generations of specialists.