Noblesse oblige – Château de Prangins

This time we presented 18th century footwear and for the occasion in 18th century costumes, of course. We invested in new costumes. Few meters of fabric from IKEA and other used fabrics, wire, pieces of pipe, rods and string and two months of cutting and stitching were necessary for making these tailored monuments. The 18th century seems to be a time when one had to be an architect as well as a tailor to make such constructions out of fabric and basketry. The ladies in those beautiful dresses must have given the impression of a Spanish galleons in full sail floating through the candle lit salons. Both costumes won a price during the final fashion show. Our daughter received the public award and the price of authenticity, given by some costume experts went to Dr. Volken whose fingers still hurt from all the stitching. The event happend at the National Museum in Prangins

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