Surprise visit

With a museum measuring barely 12 square meters (129 sq.ft) it becomes hard to deal with busloads of visitors. Occasionally it does happen that a travel organizer finds a reference to our museum and intends to send us a busload of people. Usually they check with us first for details to find out that this will not be possible, but this time they did not.

So what to do if you get a phone call asking if the museum is open within the next hour, you agree and an hour later you have 30 to 40 people showing up? We mastered the problem by putting out collection on a wall in front of our museum and improvised a guided tour of our collection out in the street. What looked at first as a confusion turned very quickly into a happy experience for all. Our luck was, that the weather was in our favor.

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  1. J-P Capt on 10/14/2011 at 11:13 am

    Très sympa, comme à votre habitude.
    Amitiés Jeepy

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