Experiment A

The Association Experiment A works in the field of experimental archaeology. Their task is to find answers to questions or theories posed by archaeologists by using resources of experimental archaeology on a scientific basis. Public access is made possible through their participation in historical events and workshops. A project concerned with medieval times led them to recreate their own costumes based on the Codex Manesse.

While the cut and colors of the costumes are recognisable, it is less so obvious for the shoes. This is why they asked us at the Shoe Museum if we could help. The goal was that each member would make their own costume, including the shoes. A few weekend courses at our museum workshop and plenty of homework to do when necessary. Before they even could start to make a shoe they had to prepare the tools and learn to use them, hone and polish their blades, learn to make waxed ends and furthermore, building and adapting the lasts and lots of other little details one wouldn’t think of. The final result was a success mainly because of all the efforts put in by each participant and the help of our expert in ancient footwear. Various shoe styles where reproduced accordingly to original finds dating from about 600 years ago. The crowinig of this experienc was a series of postcards with the members of ExperimentA inserted in the codex manesse.






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  1. Nicole on 01/27/2014 at 12:44 pm

    Sehr interessant. Schon allein mal zu sehen wie Schuhe in Handarbeit selbst gemacht werden. Aber nicht bei zalando verkaufen;)

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