A new oak plank floor

As the saying goes, think global but buy local. Our choice for floors was to address the best in town, the company Menetrey, specialist in the field for over a century.


This is our largest investment in the museum renewal project “peau neuve 2014.” Instead of asking a kind of pseudo laminate floor that ages badly, we needed something durable, highlighting the craftsmanship that we have always stood for. Pulling the old linoleum unveiled a surprise. The huge building project across our alley had caused some cracks in the floor and the raising humidity caused a noticeable mouldy smell. After sanding the floors and levelling, they applied an insulating coat of epoxy, sprinkled with quartz sand. The epoxy seals against moisture from the ground and the sand guarantees a good adhesion for the glued in floor planks. The setting of the solid, one inch thick floor planks of burgundian oak took two days of painstaking work because in this old building no wall is perfectly straight not to mention all the odd angles. Once the floor was laid, we almost completely changed our minds, leaving the empty room and renaming it “The museum of the beautiful oak plank floor”.  😉





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